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how made winds=好美的文字
see fan need winds=喜欢你的文字
how pay=好配
funny model pee=放你吗的屁
fun needle gold pee=放你的狗屁
knee shall knee money=你说你🐎呢
new bee=牛批
tree new bee=吹牛批
shadow low=学到了
share fee low=学会了
share see low=学习了
shame wine year=什么玩意儿
holy high=好厉害
knee yes=你也是
you need cry dear=有你的快递
shall pee learn=笑批了
tie how learn=太好了
hall men Jimmy fan=黄焖鸡米饭
you shall rose get fan=鱼香肉丝盖饭

看来本现代人有必要展示一下新世纪英汉辞典了 涨姿势 第1张

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